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Monthly information relating to the total number of voting rights and shares making up the share capital


Disclosure of trading

Paris, May 9, 2022

This English translation is for the convenience of English-speaking readers.
However, only the French text has any legal value.

    Articles L 233-8 II of the French Commercial Code and
223-16 of the General Regulations of the French financial markets authority (A.M.F)


Number of capital stock shares Number of exercisable
voting rights(i) (iii)
Number of theoretical
voting rights(ii)
April 30, 2022 141,133,286 169,908,174 170,608,451

(i) Used to calculate the crossing of statutory thresholds
Used to calculate the crossing of legal thresholds
In accordance with applicable rules on the control of concentrations, Vivendi will not exercise the voting rights attached to all the Lagardère shares acquired from Amber Capital, or that will be tendered to its mandatory tender offer, until the approvals required for the acquisition of the control of Lagardère have been received from the competition authorities” (Vivendi press release dated 9 December 2021 and AMF notice 221C3549).



French joint-stock company with a share capital of €860,913,044.60
Divided into 141,133,286 shares of €6.10 par value each
Registered office: 4, rue de Presbourg, 75016 Paris, France
Telephone: + 33 (0)1 40 69 16 00
Registered with the Paris Trade and Companies Registry under number 320 366 446

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