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Mezzo & Mezzo Live HD spread their wings in France and worldwide


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Paris, October 10, 2012

In France, Mezzo Live HD joined Bbox’s expanded basic package on 28 September.

On that date, the Mezzo channel, which was previously available as an “à la carte” selection, became part of the Bbox basic package.
The channel will therefore be available to all subscribers, who will thus have access to the best classical, jazz and dance programming on offer.

Elsewhere in Europe, ADSL operator IP Sweden began offering Mezzo on 17 September.

Mezzo Live HD was also launched on Lithuania’s Izzi channel on 1 September and in July joined the Tivo package offered by Ono, Spain’s leading cable company.

Since spring, Mezzo Live HD has also been available as part of the new HD package offered by Tricolor, Russia’s top satellite operator.

Thanks to this new exposure, Mezzo and Mezzo Live HD now count 18 million subscribers in 44 countries.

Mezzo and Mezzo Live HD, two TV channels with completely fresh programming each month, are devoted to classical music, jazz and dance and are offered by all TV operators in France.

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