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MédiaCabSat results July 2008 : Lagardère Active channels leaders in youth and music sector


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Paris, July 22, 2008

Children’s channels consolidate leadership.

  • Canal J and TiJi in MédiaCabSat Top 3 1
    Canal J is the second leading special-interest channel among viewers in the 4-and-over demographic, all channels combined, with a 1% audience share.
    TiJi ranks 3rd with 0.8% of audience share* (an increase since the last sweeps period of 0.1 point).
  • Canal J and TiJi leaders in the youth channels sector…
    For the 7th consecutive year, CANAL J is the number one children’s channel.
    Audience share is up 5 points in the 4-10 demographic and up 4.8 points in the 4-14 demographic in this sweeps period.
    TiJi remains second with 4.8% of audience share in the 4-10 demographic. 
  •  … and they are the most popular with parents
    They rank 1st and 2nd, all special-interest channels combined, in households with children with an audience share of 1.4% and 1.2%.

Lagardère Active also appeals to young adults


  • MCM is the leading music channel in the 15-34 demographic with a 1% audience share*, with an increase of 11% since the last sweeps period.
  • MCM is the most watched music channel with more than 7 million viewers in the 4-and-over demographic each month.
  • The MCM package (MCM + MCM TOP + MCM POP) is the leading music channel in the 15-34 demographic with a 1.7% audience share**.

*rank tie in audience share
** rank tie with the MTV package that offers 4 channels (MTV + MTV Idol + MTV Pulse + MTV Base)

Filles TV

  • With an audience share of 1.7%, Filles TV is the second leading channel among women in the 15-24 demographic, a year-on year increase of 21%.

MEZZO, the standard-setting channel for classical music and jazz

  • Leading music channel among professionals and senior executives (upper income groups) with 0.2% of audience share.
  • Mezzo consolidates its growth: each week more than 2 million viewers in the 4-and-over demographic watch the channel.

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1 The MédiaCabSat – Médiamétrie survey took place over a six-month period between December 31 2007 and June 15 2008. The sample comprised 3311 people in the 4-and-over demographic living in 1027 households receiving one of these packages. Subscribers to cable, CanalSat or TPS (via satellite or ADSL) represent 30.1% of those equipped with TV in the 4-and-over demographic.
Results for the entire population and entire day (27h a.m. – 2:59 a.m.)

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