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Paris, June 22, 2007, and already offer their customers this alternative method of purchasing and reading downloadable magazines

Three more periodical publishers (La Vie-Le Monde, Bayard Presse and Mondadori France) are joining the Lagardère platform, which now includes all the main French press groups

With over 300 magazine titles from more than 100 publishers, the Kiosque Numérique (Digital Newsstand) has now confirmed its leadership position as a referent service for downloadable magazines.
A trailblazing service in the fast-growing European market, this distribution channel has already registered over 80,000 downloads since its launch in September 2006. It is the ideal way to read magazines without the hassle of obtaining hard copy versions. The service offers a complete catalogue of magazines for purchase via its hosting sites, which can then be read on the customer’s PC screen.
The services distributes news in real time, or even in advance of publication for certain media, offering customers the freedom to buy magazines at any time of the day or night, and read them at their leisure – on the train, in the country or even abroad

The Kiosque Numérique wins more hosting sites

The Digital Newsstand concept – “immediately purchased, immediately delivered, immediately read, all under optimal technological conditions” – is winning over more and more well-known web portals. Within several weeks time, Internet users will be able to access the Newsstand via three new hosting sites : 
in addition to the three original partners :
which brings to six the number of hosting sites that have agreed to host the service since the inception of the platform.

With the digital revolution in full swing, a host of publishers are joining forces with the Kiosque Numérique

Since its launch, the Kiosque Numérique has put together a diversified catalogue of magazines. In fact, more and more publishers are coming around to this distribution channel. In addition to the 100 press groups already represented, including such major players as :

  • Lagardère Active Media,
  • Prisma Presse,
  • The Express-Expansion group,
  • Groupe Le Point,
  • The Le Point group

and so on, three new leading press groups are now represented :

  • The La Vie – Le Monde group
  • Bayard Presse
  • Mondadori France

“Our catalogue is constantly being enriched. In fact, we distribute such a wide variety of titles – from magazines targeted at the general public to highly specialized journals – that all categories of readers can find a source of information matching their centres of interests,” points out Aymeric Bauguin, co-founder of the Kiosque Numérique.

About the Kiosque Numérique

The Kiosque Numérique offers readers a catalogue of more than 300 titles for online purchase, often at a lower price than found in traditional newsstands, thanks to daily promotions for per issue purchase. Other choices include the option of subscribing to the various magazines on offer, or the option of picking and choosing, with the “Freedom Package” (four titles selected by the customer for a set monthly price of €9.90).

Once downloaded, the magazines are saved on the customer’s hard drive and can be read on the PC screen. They are identical replicas of the hard copy versions and can be easily leafed through and browsed thanks to a user-friendly application.

The digital format has numerous advantages
With a few clicks of the mouse you can :

  • turn the pages
  • consult the interactive table of contents
  • zoom in on a topic to enlarge a photo or a caption
  • enjoy audio and visual bonuses
  • archive the issues in a virtual library according to your centres of interests or publication dates
  • take advantage of the integrated search engine to quickly find a topic (the selection presented on screen is highlighted)
  • keep selected articles in a “favourites” file
  • download and share screen savers

Press contacts :

Pascale Azria - Marielle Janou - Caroline Lengline

tél: +33 (0)1 40 40 50 00 fax +33 (0)1 40 40 50 20

4, rue des Ardennes 75019 Paris

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