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Laura Flessel-Colovic chooses the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation


Corporate & other activities

Paris, October 3, 2007

Laura Flessel-Colovic, multiple World and Olympic champion, decides to join the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation and its athletic entities, Lagardère Paris Racing and TeamLagardère.

Her decision gives Laura Flessel-Colovic access to all the athletic infrastructures of the Lagardère Paris Racing club, allowing her to prepare under optimal conditions for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the next world championships to be held in Paris in 2010. Flessel-Colovic will now enjoy personalized follow-up by TeamLagardère. This follow-up, provided in close, regular cooperation with her fencing master, Hervé Faget, and the staff of TeamLagardère, is based on sophisticated performance testing techniques, the assessment of her physical and technical capabilities and assistance with her fitness training programme, as well as a laboratory work-up. All TeamLagardère athletes must comply with a rigorous and strict code of ethics.

Flessel-Colovic will also continue to pursue the social solidarity actions she has initiated with the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation.

Laura Flessel-Colovic: “Lagardère Paris Racing and the follow-up provided by TeamLagardère give me the means to achieve my ambitious objectives for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 World Championships. After competing with a great deal of satisfaction under the colours of the Levallois Sporting Club (LSC) for seven years, I am delighted to join Lagardère Paris Racing, which will give me access to the innovative infrastructure of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation.”

Arnaud Lagardère: “I am delighted that Laura Flessel-Colovic can benefit from the wealth and diversity of experience and competence now at the service of her athletic performance. We are extremely proud that she has chosen to join Lagardère Paris Racing and TeamLagardère.

The Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation
The aim of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation is to create excellence, nurture confidence and foster social cohesion in the fields of sports, culture and research. With these goals in mind, the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation supports talented young artists, creators and sponsors of social solidarity projects. Its mission is to identify and create athletic and cultural excellence, to endow France with exceptional venues for sports and culture, and to engage in committed social action in the heart of disadvantaged neighbourhoods. TeamLagardère and Lagardère Paris Racing are the corner stones of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation’s commitment to sports.

TeamLagardère, a breeding ground for future champions, is an innovative entity providing professional-level coaching assistance in its facility located in the Paris Jean Bouin club. TeamLagardère includes a centre for sports-related scientific expertise that brings together the most advanced levels of technical competence in the areas of research, training and coaching. TeamLagardère also aims to identify young hopefuls at its facility in Sofia Antipolis on the French Riviera by offering them a dual path of excellence: sports performance and personal development. TeamLagardère offers a personalized response to top-level athletes by providing them with educational assistance and monitoring, training and retraining programmes depending on their age and professional career path.

The Lagardère Paris Racing club is an ambitious project devoted to sports in Paris. With more than 18,500 members, divided among fourteen sports divisions in two athletic facilities – La Croix Catelan and Eblé –, Lagardère Paris Racing is Europe’s first multi-sport athletic club. Its mission is to develop the practice of sports in the French capital, in all of its manifestations: professional or high-level sports supported by TeamLagardère’s expertise and training, leisure-time sports, health-related sports and sports for people with disabilities. Its long-term mission is to develop the outlines of a new French sports model, centred on strengthening the concept of a high-level club.

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