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Lagardère Travel Retail wins Foodservice tender at Hamburg Airport and plans to open four new Food & Beverage outlets in 2024.


Lagardère Travel Retail

Wiesbaden, November 15, 2023

Lagardère Travel Retail is proud to announce that the company has won the Foodservice tender to open four food & beverage areas at Hamburg Airport, further enhancing the airport’s gastronomic offerings by 2024.

Among the three new food concepts to open by 2024 in Hamburg Airport’s airside area, Lagardère Travel Retail will introduce White Monkey Pizza Lab & Bar at Pier 1 (Level 1). In a space spanning over 220 square meters, the Italian roots of traditional pizza will be reimagined with a contemporary twist. White Monkey will surprise with creative, fresh flavor creations, ranging from classic to refined, and uniquely shaped pizzas.

As a quick-service restaurant, Burger King® is one of the best-known burger restaurant chains in the world. Following the “Make Your King” motto, travelers will choose and feast on more than 60 different products – starting with the classic flame-grilled burger, known as the Whopper®, to plant-based burgers and a variety of savory snacks and sides, to custom orders for every taste. In the dedicated seating area guests will enjoy their meals after ordering at the counter or at one of the six self-checkouts.

Kaimug Taste Thai will bring an authentic and fresh Thai cuisine experience to the airport. The new Thai-balanced food will make the taste of Asia tangible and create the bridge to a balanced diet. Guests will enter the distinctive Kaimug experience in a cozy Asian ambiance. The menu will showcase authentic curries, crisp wok dishes, and Thai classics like Pad Thai, Tom Kha Gai soups and enticing finger foods.

These three areas will cater to all travelers’ needs and tastes with three different formats including take-away bistro and a full-service restaurant.

In the publicly accessible area of Hamburg Airport (Level 3), a Marché outlet spanning over 300 square meters will open next year. This Mediterranean marketplace boasts fresh market cuisine and lively live cooking for over 40 years throughout Germany. At Hamburg Airport, the future Marché space will be inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of Southern European market halls, offering light and simple cuisine tempting focaccia, homemade pasta, and a variety of tapas to meet tradition.

 Jochen Halfmann, CEO of Lagardère Travel Retail Germany stated: “We are very thrilled with the trust placed in us by Hamburg Airport and the growing partnership we share. We are excited to bring various foodservice formats – White Monkey, Burger King, Kaimug Taste Thai, and Marché – to the airport, showcasing our food expertise.”

“Lagardère Travel Retail, a long-standing business partner, has won the catering tender. Having already celebrated two new openings at Hamburg Airport this year with Natoo and FALKE, the company is now going one step further. I am very pleased about the trust and the good cooperation,” says Lutz Deubel, Head of Centre Management at Hamburg Airport. “We were impressed by the holistic, modern concept that will enrich our food world. The individual catering units are so different that our passengers are guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired. Our aim is for everyone to find something to suit them at Hamburg Airport – from a burger on the go to a balanced meal.”

Lagardère Travel Retail Germany will operate a total of 14 Foodservice outlets and 4 Travel Essentials stores at Hamburg Airport in 2024, building on the recent opening of Natoo and Marché restaurants.

About Lagardère Travel Retail
One of the two divisions of Lagardère group, Lagardère Travel Retail is a leading global Travel Retailer, with the longest standing expertise of holistically serving the needs of travelers and partners across Travel Essentials, Duty Free & Fashion and Foodservice. Lagardère Travel Retail operates over 5,000 stores in airports, railway stations and other concessions in 42 countries, and has generated €5.2 bn in sales (100%) in 2022.
Through locally-empowered teams and value-creating partnerships, Lagardère Travel Retail develops comprehensive and authentic travel experiences. Lagardère Travel Retail is championing sustainability in Travel Retail through a dedicated CSR strategy, aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.  – @LagardereTR  

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