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Lagardère Entertainment becomes France’s top producer of unscripted programming with 957 hours and 32 minutes’ worth of shows*


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Paris, July 17, 2013

As the No. 1 French producer for three years thanks to its leading position in TV drama and comedy, Lagardère Entertainment has also become the leader in unscripted programming.

Of the 19 entities making up the company, eight produce unscripted programmes: Maximal Productions (Jérôme Bellay), Carson Prod and Angel (Franck Saurat), 909 Productions (Frédéric Joly), Electron Libre (Yannis Chebbi and Michael Kazan), Image & Compagnie (Serge Moati), Léo Vision and (Rémy Dessarts).

Lagardère Entertainment has achieved this position by producing seven daily shows: C’est dans l’air, C’est à dire, L’ile des vérités, In Ze Boite, Mon parcours gagnant, Vous êtes en direct (coproduced with Ne Zappez pas Prod.) and 10 ans de moins. Lagardère Entertainment also produces such powerful, prestigious programmes as Céline Dion – Le Grand Show, Le Concert de Paris, Le Concert pour la Tolérance, C’Politique, Tendance Ô, Horse Racing Time, PolitiqueS, Simplement pour un soir and Sosie or not Sosie.

According to Takis Candilis, chairman of Lagardère Entertainment, “This ranking has resulted, first, from Lagardère Entertainment’s strategy of expanding its unscripted programming over the past five years, and second, from our producers’ talent and perseverance. The results have been very encouraging for our teams.”

*Source: ranking of producers of unscripted programming by Ecran Total magazine (1 September 2012 to 31 August 2013).

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About Lagardère Entertainment:
Founded in 2008, Lagardère Entertainment, a Lagardère Active company, handles all of the Lagardère group's audiovisual production activities. Lagardère Entertainment is a major player in the production and management of artistic content for television and France's largest producer of TV drama and comedy programmes, unscripted programming and animated shows. Its production units include GMT, DEMD, Image & Compagnie, Merlin, Aubes and Ango et Kelija for French drama and comedy programmes; Atlantique Productions and Genao Productions for international productions; Maximal, Carson, Angel, 909 Productions, Electron Libre, Telmondis Productions, Léo Vision, Add-On Factory, and for unscripted programming; and Lagardère Entertainment Rights, Telmondis Distribution and Editions Musicales François 1er for distribution and rights involving artistic content. Its key programmes include Julie Lescaut, Joséphine Ange Gardien, C dans l'air, Nos Chers Voisins, Mafiosa, Borgia, Jo, Clem, Simplement pour un soir, Céline Dion le grand show, The Monte Carlo International Circus Festival, PolitiqueS, The Concert for Tolerance, C politique, Flics, Famille d'accueil, Fish'n Chips, the Paris Concert, l'Ile des Vérités, In Ze boite and Transporter: The Series.

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