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Lagardère confirms its intent to dispose of its stake in EADS by July 31, 2013


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Paris, April 5, 2013

The Lagardère group acknowledged EADS shareholders’ decision of March 27, 2013 to authorise a share buyback programme, EADS’ (post- General Meeting of Shareholders) press release of March 27, 2013 and the EADS Board of Directors’ decision of April 2, 2013 pursuant to this authorisation, governing the terms of these buyback transactions over time and according to changes in market conditions (see EADS press release dated April 2, 2013).

In light of this information, Lagardère confirms its intent to dispose of its stake in EADS by July 31, 2013. This disposal may or may not fall within the scope of the share buyback programme implemented by EADS.

This disposal will comply with the principle of Lagardère’s priority status in terms of calendar within the “historic” reference shareholder block.

As previously indicated to the market, a significant portion of the proceeds generated by this disposal would be distributed to Lagardère shareholders.

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Lagardère is a world-class pure-play media group (Book and e-Publishing; Press, Audiovisual, Digital and Advertising Sales Brokerage; Travel Retail and Distribution; Sport Industry and Entertainment).
With a holding of around 7.5%, Lagardère jointly controls EADS.
Lagardère shares are listed on Euronext Paris.

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