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Lagardère Active publishes the circulation figures for its monthlies for the first 6 months of 2007


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Paris, August 27, 2007

As announced last July, the Lagardère Active group is the first magazine publishing group to communicate the paid distribution in France of its titles each quarter with a view to promoting transparency and responsiveness in the marketplace.

 Following announcement of the paid circulation of its eight leading weeklies in France on 23 July, Lagardère Active is today publishing the circulation figures for its eight leading monthlies. Average six-month paid
distribution of monthlies in France
Source: publisher 

  Monthly titles   First six months 07 – paid distribution in France/figures declared by the publisher   Change versus first six months 06 – paid distribution in France/figures declared by the publisher
MON JARDIN MA MAISON 165,464 +6.68%
JEUNE ET JOLIE 170,246 +3.18%
ISA 189,068 +2.70 %
ACTION AUTO MOTO 269,142 +2.22%
PREMIERE 158,550 +2.22%
PARENTS 308,649 -2.36%
ONZE MONDIAL 120,161 -6.49%
ENTREVUE 307,643 -12.87%

 (*): Levels for the first three months of 2007 were not published in April, so six-month averages are thus presented in this release.

Distribution trends looking good at Lagardère Active:

  • In a segm ent shaken up by a number of launches, Mon Jardin Ma Maison has won back market share and achieved distribution up by 6.68% thanks to a reworked formula and an innovative cover strategy.
  • The two young women’s monthlies also continue to rise. In a context marked by growth in use of the Internet and mobile phones by this target audience, Jeune et Jolie, supported by an aggressive marketing strategy, grew by 3.18% to pass the 170,000-copy barrier, while Isa, for which the new formula continues to produce results, gained 2.7%.
  • Action Auto Moto witnessed growth of 2.2%, following on from the excellent results seen in 2006.
  • Première confirmed the success of its new formula, charting positively with growth of 2.22%.
  • Entrevue, still market leader by some distance (market share >60%), has an extremely high distribution level and is performing better in a male market that is once more in decline.


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