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Lagardère Active Publicité : chosen by local television stations


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Paris, March 7, 2001

Four local television stations (Télé Lyon Métropole, Télé Toulouse, Clermont 1ère and TV7 Bordeaux) have chosen Lagardère Active Publicité (formerly Europe Régies) to handle their national advertising media planning business.

After working together and exchanging information on the various aspects of television station operations, the four stations chose the Lagardère Group’s advertising media planning agency over several competing offers. The Lagardère Group successfully demonstrated its proven results in both the radio and television formats (special-interest channels).

With the French television authority expected to invite new candidates to apply for licenses soon, the four stations want to demonstrate that local stations not only enjoy widespread public support but are also sound business operations.

While remaining autonomous, the stations must band together to offer a national advertising platform, with 15 or so independent, comparable-format stations broadcasting in most large French metropolitan areas in analog format.

Currently, LAGARDERE ACTIVE PUBLICITÉ markets three services:

  • Radio with the Europe 1, Europe 2, RFM, Skyrock, Le Gie Les Indépendants, BFM , Autoroute Info, Autoroute FM, 107.7 FM and TSF stations,
  • Television with Groupe AB, including RTL9 , AB1, Mangas, AB Moteurs, Animaux, La Chaîne Histoire, RFM TV, Musique Classique, Escales, Encyclopedia, Chasse & Pêche, Action, Polar, Rire, Romance, XXL, the Groupe Lagardère’s special-interest channels Tiji, MCM, MCM Africa, Muzzik and Santé-Vie;
  • And the Internet with web sites EuropeInfos,,, and Club Internet.

Direction Générale Adjointe
Philippe Pignol - Tél : 01 56 89 51 61 - Fax : 01 56 89 51 75

Direction de la Communication
Marianne Théard - Tél : 01 47 23 15 51 - Fa : 01 47 23 15 77

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