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Paris, December 11, 2006

Arnaud Lagardère, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and Didier Quillot, CEO, today adopted the name and organization of this new division, the result of merging Hachette Filipacchi Médias with Lagardère Active. The new Lagardère Active Media division covers press, radio, TV and digital, and its goal is to:

  • take its place as one of the international leaders in the publication of content for all media;
  • become a world-wide “brand factory”, eventually able to cover all aspects of multi-media and multi-geography targets and markets;
  • accelerate its digital transformation.

With this end in view, the newly formed division is aiming initially to make significant reductions in its overheads by consolidating its support functions and streamlining its business portfolio. The division’s organizational structure has been established so as to provide Lagardère Active Media with the resources to manage its evolving business model through a strategy of alliances and acquisitions in the digital sector.

To achieve these goals, two new departments have been created: a company-wide marketing department for the portfolio of brands, and a digital department responsible for planning and managing the Internet strategy for all media in France and internationally. As regards advertising, Lagardère Active Media will merge the Group’s two agencies (Lagardère Active Publicité and Interdeco), thus creating the second largest advertising agency in France, to be known as Lagardère Publicité in France and Lagardère Global Advertising internationally. TV production activities will be grouped within the division Lagardère Images, which will broaden its media and sport expertise in order to become a global production house.

When making these announcements, Didier Quillot, CEO of the Lagardère Active Media division, declared:
“Our strength lies in our presence in all media, on the most dynamic segments of the market both in France and internationally, the power of our brands, and the talent and professionalism of our editorial teams. Our new structure reflects perfectly our determination to generate Group synergies, cut costs and develop a leadership culture shared by both traditional and digital media.
All the division’s strengths and energy will be focused on achieving these goals as of 2007.”


The Management board, which oversees the general management of the division, is chaired by Didier Quillot, assisted by Alain Lemarchand and Olivier Chapuis. Frédérique Bredin is the Executive director to the Management board.

The editorial committee manages and chairs discussions concerning key editorial decisions of the division and comprises Jean-Pierre Elkabbach, Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber, Valérie Toranian, Christian de Villeneuve, Julien Billot and Jean-Pierre Cottet.

Corporate functions are as follows:

  • The operations department carries out all support functions of the division: the finance and administrative department, the legal department, the technolgies department (the technical department for audiovisual, the IT/SI department in liaison with the digital division), and the division’s purchasing/general services department.
    Alain Lemarchand is Vice president operations;
  • The marketing department (comprising brand managers/markets managers), promotes strategic international discussions in France and internationally regarding each target market such as women, young people, etc., and supports the launch of global ideas throughout the world. Olivier Chapuis is Vice president marketing;
  • General administration performs the following functions for the division: internal HR communications, commercial/advertising PR, institutional/press PR, NMPP relations, relations with professional institutions, influence, sustainable development and corporate sponsoring. Anne-Marie Couderc is the General secretary of the department.
    In addition, Arnaud Molinié, spokesman for managing partners, will carry out studies and make recommendations for the implementation of a communications/PR organization for the new division, reporting to Anne-Marie Couderc;
  • The digital department, drives the division’s progress on the internet and new media and the release of content on all digital supports. The department includes Cellfish. Julien Billot is head of the department, he will set up and manage a Digital Transformation Committee;
  • Lagardère Global Advertising is responsible for selling all the division’s advertising space. Constance Benqué is the CEO of Lagardère Global Advertising;
  • The business development department seeks opportunities for growth in France and abroad, while monitoring technological developments for the entire division. Jean-Pierre Cottet is director of Business Development and will lead the “Lagardère LAB” project;
  • The international department supervises and controls the international subsidiaries. It will be headed by a senior international manager of the sector who will join the Group in the forthcoming weeks, assisted by Jean-Christophe Lestra and Jean de Boisdeffre.

In France, Lagardère Active Media’s businesses consist of:

  • The Press and Magazines division run by Olivier Chapuis, Managing Director of publications and Christian de Villeneuve, Managing Director of editorial; Bruno Lesouëf is Deputy managing director of publications;
  • Europe 1 chaired by Jean-Pierre Elkabbach;
  • The Audiovisual division including:
    • Music activities (Europe 2, RFM, Europe 2 TV, MCM, Mezzo), led by Christophe Sabot;
    • Youth activities (Canal J, TiJi, Filles TV, Gulli), led by Emmanuelle Guilbart
    • TV production activities, Lagardère Images, the Group’s new TV production division. Lagardère Images will be chaired by Jean-Pierre Guérin and managed operationally by Alexis de Gemini.


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