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Lagardère Active Media leading TV fiction producer in the top 100 programmes


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Paris, January 8, 2007

In 2006, Lagardère Active Media confirmed its position as the leading producer of TV fiction. Over one-quarter of the programmes listed in the Top 100 were made by Lagardère Active Media production companies: GMT, DEMD and Aubes Productions. Broadcast at 8:50 p.m. on TF1, these programmes attracted between 9 and 10.9 million viewers.

No. 22: Joseph, a GMT production
No. 31: Julie Lescaut, “Instinct paternel”, a GMT production
No. 31: Julie Lescaut, “Faux semblant”, a GMT production
No. 46: Julie Lescaut, “Vengeances”, a GMT production
No. 48: Joséphine, profession ange gardien, “Un passe pour l’avenir”, a DEMD production
No. 52: Joséphine, profession ange gardien, “La couleur de l’amour”, a DEMD production
No. 59: Joséphine, profession ange gardien, “Remue-ménage”, a DEMD production
No. 61: Diane femme flic, “L’ange déchu”, a GMT production
No. 61: Père et Maire, “Une seconde chance”, an Aubes Productions production
No. 65: Père et Maire, “Votez pour moi”, an Aubes Productions production
No. 77: Diane femme flic, “Par conviction”, a GMT production
No. 85: Julie Lescaut, “Une affaire jugée”, a GMT production

Source: Médiamétrie.

Lagardère Active Media is the Lagardère group’s Audiovisual and Press division. Lagardère Active Media’s TV fiction producers are: GMT, DEMD, Aubes Productions, Image & Compagnie, and Les Productions 22.

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