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La Reine Soleil (The Sun Queen), a first-time film adaptation of the Christian Jacq novel


Lagardère Publishing

Paris, April 05, 2007

Freely adapted from the best-selling novel by Christian Jacq, La Reine Soleil (The Sun Queen) is now playing in French movie theatres. A prestigious premiere took place in Cairo on 13 March with a highly majestic setting: the Pyramids of Giza. More than 1,200 viewers applauded the film.

To honour this pharaoh-worthy occasion, Hachette Jeunesse is publishing a series of six books.

The story
Many conflicts mark the end of the reign of Akhenaten and Nefertiti, and menacing shadows that could destroy all of Egypt hang over the majestic City of the Sun. But the royal couple’s third daughter, Akhesa, is driven by dreams of glory. With a young stranger named Thout as her travelling companion, the young princess undertakes a journey of initiation in search of her mother. The two young people must confront countless dangers before Akhesa can move up in the ranks of power to sit on the throne and succeed her father, Akhenaten.

Hachette Jeunesse magnifies the magic of the film in books adapted for all ages: two picture books for children plus a veritable treasure trove of information covering everything you ever wanted to know about ancient Egypt:

La Reine Soleil (The Sun Queen)
Ages 7 and up
Released on 21 March 2007
64 pages
La Reine Soleil (The Sun Queen)
Ages 4 and up
Released on 21 March 2007
32 pages
L’Egypte et la Vie des Pharaons dans La Reine Soleil (Egypt and the Life of the Pharaohs in La Reine Soleil)
Ages 7 and up
Released on 21 March 2007
48 pages
For older children:
La Reine Soleil
The novel
Released on 7 April 2007
224 pages
La Reine Soleil T1
Hachette Jeunesse – youth paperback edition
Released on 7 March 2007
Reprint available on 13 April 2007
160 pages
La Reine Soleil T2
Released on 9 May 2007
160 pages

Explore the charms of Egypt through the official site for the film La Reine Soleil, where you will find pictures of your favourite characters, learning materials and other surprises.

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