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JDD’s early edition advances into new territory


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Paris, April 30, 2009

The Journal du Dimanche Early Edition now available in four new cities in France

After the launch of its Saturday afternoon Early Edition last 7 March in seven French cities (Caen, Deauville, Lille, Lyon, Rennes, Rouen and Marseille), France’s national Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche is now available at midday on Saturdays in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nice and Tours.

The JDD is also successfully expanding at international level with early availability throughout Europe and the Maghreb.

The launch of the Early Edition (Première Edition) – with its signature phrase “l’info à tête reposée” (news at your leisure), – was promoted by a communications campaign nominated by CB News magazine for its 2009 Media Awards in the “best media initiative” category.

Le Journal du Dimanche, news at your leisure

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Le Journal du Dimanche at a glance:

  • Circulation: 262,087 copies (2008 paid circulation in France - source: OJD)
  • Total readership: JDD’s readership grew by 6% versus 2007 with 1.45 million readers (source: 2008 EPIQ survey) particularly among high-income readers (up 5.4% among readers with incomes >€36K – source: EPIQ)
  • le 1.332 million unique visitors (up 12.4% vs. Feb. 09) (source: Nielsen audience survey, March 09)

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