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Jamie Oliver in his own words


Lagardère Publishing

Paris, October 17, 2006

Jamie Oliver is a unique phenomenon in the world of European cooking: his highly personal, intuitive approach to the culinary art has turned convention on its head. Unfettered by narrow definitions of style and rules to be followed to the letter, Jamie makes short work of food preparation and dares to try out some imaginative combinations: his modern, efficient, pared-down style of cooking is largely instinctive and highly sensual.

His new book, Jamie Oliver Version originale (Jamie’s Dinners), a best-seller in the UK, is not just a recipe book, with 120 ideas for meals for every occasion, but a guide to learning how to approach cooking in a completely new way.

His aim is to give people who are new to cooking new confidence in their own abilities, demonstrating that you can create an endless variety of tasty, simple meals from just a few basic recipes. This is what Jamie calls in his book the “family tree” of recipes. His credo: use fresh, tasty, inexpensive ingredients that are easy to find, eat food that’s in season and leave behind the bad habits you’ve acquired through not having enough time, the fear of failure and simple laziness.

The book also includes Jamie’s Top Ten favourite dishes, combining his own ideas and the results of a huge online survey on the Jamie Oliver website, in which thousands of Internet users took part. It also has a “super-fast” chapter with extra-quick recipes you can cook in just a few minutes.

About the author:
Having started to cook at a very young age in his parents’ pub, Jamie Oliver has been working with some of the world’s greatest chefs ever since. Well known for the many cookery shows he has hosted on television, he is also the author of a number of books, published in French by Hachette Pratique as La Cuisine de Jamie, Rock ’n roll cuisine and Toqué de cuisine.

Toqués de cuisine Collection

Photography: David Loftus and Chris Terry
Publication date: 4 October 2006

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