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Gulli is 8 years old!


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Paris, November 15, 2013

Gulli is 8 years oldGulli was created eight years ago, on 18 November 2005. And to celebrate its birthday, the channel has decided to give its viewers presents!
Beginning this week until December, children and their families will be treated to some very special programming!

The festivities are set to begin with a bang on Saturday 16 November when children, hosts and guest stars will wish Gulli a happy birthday in short clips broadcast between programmes throughout the week.

Then, the musical comedies cycle is set to start on Sunday 17 November in prime time with The Sound of Music, starring Julie Andrews, which will also be aired in the near future in a live version, via a recorded performance of the show “The Sound of Music Live!” currently playing in the U.S., starring Carrie Underwood and Stephen Moyer (from the series True Blood).

The channel’s presenters will also be featured in special broadcasts from Monday 18 through Friday 22 November:

  • In ze Boîte special on Monday 18 November at 7 pm: On a set specially created for the occasion, singer Joyce Jonathan will accompany the two candidate families of this special anniversary edition.
  • Gu’live special on Monday 20 November at 4 pm: But not just any old Gu’live. It will be a true Gu’live 2.0 special with its own digital device app! This broadcast will provide an opportunity to launch a new version of the show, which will now be interactive, thanks to the Gu’BUZZ app. The app will allow viewers equipped with a tablet to receive bonuses throughout the show. As always, SHEER LUNACY will reign supreme with an endless string of bloopers, parodies, crazy games and giggles!
  • Gulli Mag, Monday through Friday at 8:35 pm: There will be a festive atmosphere throughout the week, with a line-up including special challenges and videos of stars prepared specially for Gulli’s birthday. And Gulli Mag will seize the opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes tour of Gu’live and prove to its viewers that everybody at Gulli is in a partying mood!
  • To make the celebration even crazier, Gulli is inviting, for the first time on its airwaves, the wild and crazy animals from an animated series never before broadcast in France titled Back at the Barnyard (a spin-off of the feature-length film, which was a big success on Gulli). The madness all starts on 18 November, Monday through Friday, at 6 pm!
  • Fans of Victorious can also meet up with their favourite heroes this week in an all new season! Don’t miss season 3 of Victorious, Monday through Friday at 6:30 pm.

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