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ELLE launches its 11th Regional Eidtion in Alsace


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Paris, March 1, 2011

Each of the ten regional supplements of ELLE has been an immediate and resounding success. To date, 85% of ELLE‘s national distribution is published with local pages. These regional supplements contribute in large measure to boosting the magazine’s per-issue sales.

As of 4 March, ELLE readers in Alsace will have a chance to discover the new supplement dedicated to their region. They will find a regional edition faithful to the national edition, with rich and varied content that meets their expectations, including culture, shopping, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, decorating, local celebrities and favourite picks.

Sold at the usual price, ELLE magazine will regularly devote several pages to life in Strasbourg and its surroundings.

Readers will find:

  • A culture section: concerts, exhibits, festivals and more, with ideas for outings with family, friends or the kids.
  • A special report: the best reasonably priced restaurants, where to find the fashion musts of the season, great organic beauty tips and much more!
  • Info on the latest buzz throughout the region: fashion and beauty, all the latest trends, leisure-time activities, gourmet foods, home entertaining tips, good addresses and so on.

According to Valerie Toranian and Franck Espiasse-Cabau, ELLE‘s editorial director and publisher respectively, “this new development reflects the vitality of the ELLE brand and its philosophy of always positioning personalized, local coverage at the core of its editorial promise to women, from both a geographical and psychological point of view.”

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