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EADS AFFAIR: Judges Tournaire and Blanc indict Lagardère SCA for insider trading despite stating that they have no evidence against it


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Paris, January 28, 2011

In November 2009, the Enforcement Committee of the French Financial Markets Authority ruled that Lagardère SCA had not committed any insider trading in the sale of a part of its EADS shares, a divestiture whose principle had been announced many years previously. In spite of this decision, the examining magistrates, recently appointed to this old case, deemed it appropriate to make an opposite interpretation of the same facts.

At the conclusion of the preliminary examination of January 27, 2011, Judges Serge Tournaire and Xavier Blanc indicted the legal entity Lagardère SCA for insider trading, despite stating that they “have no evidence against it.”

Lagardère SCA is fully confident that this proceeding, like the previous ones, will conclude with its acquittal.

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