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Doctissimo introduces Doctissimo Play, a new well-being and health channel in partnership with YouTube


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Paris, October 8, 2012

With the support of more than 8.5 million unique visitors

and a community of 4 million members, Doctissimo is launching Doctissimo Play, a new well-being and health channel on YouTube.

As of 15 October on Doctissimo Play, you will find 10 new broadcasts per week, including newsmagazines, special reports, coaching sessions and series. Each broadcast deals with a topic that is central to the concerns and lives of women, including health, motherhood, psychology, cooking, beauty, sexuality and more.

These broadcasts, which are presented in a simple, friendly manner and give everyone a chance to express their views, are hosted by such experts and well-known personalities as Véronique Mounier, Nathalie Nguyen, Alain Héril and Stéphane Clerget, plus contributions from the editorial staff’s journalists.

You can explore health tips that could change your life with Ça vous change la vie, featuring Véronique Mounier, and insights on sexuality with Alain Héril’s Parlons peu, parlons sexe. Stéphane Clerget’s show Grandir is meant to help both parents and children grow up, while Nathalie Nguyen demonstrates her favourite recipes in 100% Recettes and Stéphanie Moyal provides beauty tips galore in Beautyssimo. And that’s just for starters…

According to Doctissimo’s president, Valérie Brouchoud, “During the last 12 years, Doctissimo has become a major player in promoting health and well-being. We provide support for Internet users by answering all their questions and sharing experiences, knowledge and feelings. This partnership with YouTube offers us an opportunity to create closer ties with our website visitors and boost our video offering with exclusive new content.”

Pitch for each programme

  • Ca vous change la vie
    Did you know that by making some very small changes in your habits you can improve your health considerably and prevent various diseases? In short, you can change your life! Twice per week, Véronique Mounier offers very simple recommendations that can have a major impact on our lives. Great ideas and good humour are always in plentiful supply to help you stay in the best of health!
    90 two-minute episodes.
  • Grandir, the show that helps parents and children grow up
    Parents have many questions about their children’s behaviour and education, such as how to respond to the whims of their toddlers and how to handle sibling jealousy. Grandir addresses the main issues faced by each age group – infants, children and teenagers – in an educational, pragmatic way. Psychiatrist Stéphane Clerget outlines the challenges of each situation, suggests possible explanations for behaviour and offers parents simple, concrete solutions.
    Format: 40 four-minute episodes.
  • Tips de star
    Do you dream of having Eva Longoria’s eyes, Kate Moss’ bangs or Scarlett Johansson’s complexion? Our beauty expert Caroline Langlois will explain the beauty secrets of the stars step-by-step, with the lowdown on hairstyles, make-up, manicures and more, all delivered with punchy humour.
  • 100% Recettes
    Healthy meals are not necessarily synonymous with dieting. There’s nothing boring or tedious about using healthy ingredients to stay in shape. Our tips and tricks will help you create delicious, inventive dishes to share with family and friends. Classified according to topic (starters, classic dishes, children’s menus, exotic dishes etc.), Doctissimo’s recipes are presented by Nathalie Nguyen, a semi-finalist in the 2011 Masterchef competition. A home chef and culinary graphics consultant, Nathalie’s appeal stems not only from her inventive, exotic, original culinary talents, but also from her dynamic personality and good humour.
    Format: 40 five-minute recipes and 10 two-minute culinary techniques.
  • Fitness Master Class
    It is now possible to work out at home with practical, targeted advice from a coach thanks to Fitness Master Class, developed by journalist and fitness coach Lucile Woodward. Each broadcast is a complete fitness session, including warm-ups, targeted exercises, and stretching and cool-down routines. A particular theme, such as Bikini, Detox, Pilates, Bride-to-be Special, Tonus or Total Body, is highlighted during each class.
    Format: 60 13- to 14-minute episodes.
  • Zen attitude
    Do you sometimes feel the need to meditate or escape from the world’s hustle and bustle in order to recharge your batteries? Jean Doridot has developed these eight-minute total relaxation sessions to help you do just that. These sessions, which can be practiced at the office or at home, at any time of the day or at night before going to bed, combine muscular relaxation with achieving a feeling of mental and physical well-being.
    Format: 45 eight-minute episodes.
  • Beautyssimo
    Doctissimo’s beauty reporter Stéphanie Moyal guides us off the beaten track in search of the latest trends. She introduces us to her favourite addresses, shares her best picks and reveals the latest not-to-be-missed spots for make-up and massages, the newest spas and beauty bars and more. From now on, nothing will escape you in your quest for beauty!
    Format: 45 two-minute episodes.
  • Parlons peu, parlons sexe
    Providing simple answers to the questions we always wondered about but were afraid to ask is the goal of Parlons peu, parlons sexe. Psychoanalyst and sex therapist Alain Héril addresses all of our questions, from major to minor issues, and lifts the veil on our most intimate moments. Shed your taboos and set a course toward greater sexual harmony.
    Format: 40 four-minute episodes.


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