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Disclosure of trading


Disclosure of trading

Paris, November 03, 2005

In accordance with the articles 222-14 and 222-15 of General Regulation of Autorité des Marchés Financiers (A.M.F.)

Declarer Mr Arnaud LAGARDERE

Managing Partner of Lagardère SCA (Gérant)

Identity and function of the person linked with the above-mentioned person

Description of financial instrument LAGARDERE Chare
Type of operation Options of subscription exercise
Quantity 40, 443
Transaction date 28/10/2005
Transaction place Paris
Unit price € 27,14
Operation amout € 1 097 623,02

Issuer’s corporate name :
Lagardère SCA
Partnership limited by shares (Société en Commandite par Actions)
Share capital : 858,993,979 euros
Registered under n° 320 366 446 RCS Paris
Registered office : 4, rue de Presbourg, at Paris 16° (75) – France

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