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Debut of Europe 2 TV


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Paris, September 12, 2005

Mark your calendars for 17 October, 17:17 hours on DTT channel 17.

Trademark originality

Something new in every field and genre…EUROPE 2 TV’s regularly scheduled, Monday-through-Sunday shows — Lundi Live, Mardi Déconne, Mercredi Sexy, Jeudi Fille, Vendredi SF, Samedi Manga and Dimanche Hit — epitomize constant change.

The channel is committed to change in every area.

No fewer than 100 original concerts have been produced, taped or exclusively broadcast, including Britney Spears, Eminem, Usher, Pascal Obispo, Kool Shen, etc.All musical genres are explored, through more than 3,000 different titles airing each year, over 80% of them new.

Ten variety or entertainment programs are currently on the drawing board or in production. EUROPE 2 TV’s enormous investment, which combines the know-how of its in-house teams and of independent producers, enables us to launch new, totally original concepts. In live with, Sexy or not, the election of the sexiest man and woman of the year, The Trabendo Sessions—the list goes on.

The same principle applies to comedy and drama. More than 10 original or exclusive series will be added in the early evening and/or prime time to the cult classic series airing during the day. The list includes the Les sauvages series produced by Mel Gibson, Berlin, Berlin, which won a prestigious Emmy Award in 2004, Nikki, Off Centre, Shasta, Total Recall 2070 and many others.

Animation will also be prominently featured. GTO, Chobits, Cobra, Beck and Da Mob during the day. And our new X-rated mangas – La fille du 20h, Le Retour de la Blue Girl – at night.

And, we’re proud to say, if you throw in our unmistakably original, stand-out station graphics, never has a DTT channel aired so much new programming.

I’d like to conclude by tipping my cap to EUROPE 2 TV staff and even more to the Lagardere Active Music Business Centre team, which turned EUROPE 2 TV’s dream of Digital Terrestrial Television into a reality. With them and everyone else interested in seeing something different and original on TV music shows, we invite you to tune in on 17 October, at 17:17 hours, to DTT channel 17. See for yourself just what “EUROPE 2 TV, it’s a killer…” is all about.

Michael Magnin,
Assistant Managing Director, Strategy, Brands and Programmes

Concerts et co-production

EUROPE 2 TV will offer an exclusive “best of live” programme featuring French and international artists recorded at various venues worldwide.

EUROPE 2 TV will produce or co-produce more than 52 concerts a year.

Playlist et hits

Europe 2 TV plays all genres, for all tastes and every type of music popular with 15-34 year-olds

Europe 2 TV Dance:
Dance panic! All the hits that get you moving on the dance floor are featured on Europe 2 TV

Hit Europe 2 TV:
Choose your 20 favourite music videos on Europe 2 TV by voting at French hits: A ranking of the 20 best “made in France” music videos.

Girl hits:
The top 20 titles preferred by the ladies—just for them!!!

Music shows

In live with :
An artist shares the secrets of his or her discipline and success with student music buffs. Gaël Leforestier and seven passionate fans welcome artists to a set with a living room/informal workshop feeling, at Divan du Monde in Paris.

Meeting: 15 to 30 minutes
Concert: 25 to 40 minutes

Initially scheduled artists: BERTIGNAC, OBISPO, KOOL SHEN Prod: Good Bye

The Trabendo Sessions :
Once a month, a French-speaking or international artist, in an exclusive, private concert taped at Le Trabendo in Paris.


New – Adapted from a manga published by Pika, “Chobits” is the brainchild of the studio Clamp, a group of female artists responsible for some of Japan’s biggest comic book hits (“RG Veda“, “Card Captor Sakura“).

This totally new adaptation of a manga translated by DELCOURT follows the ups and downs of a budding rock group.

New Mangas
The adventures of less than proper young ladies, manga style!
La fille du 20 h: the newscaster for News 9 TV is subjected to an odious form of blackmail at her workplace…
Sexe et Magie Noire: there’s mystery afoot at the school: young female students seem to have lost control of their bodies and the female nurse is thrilled…
Le retour de la Blue Girl: the most sensual of the ninjas confronts the world’s most depraved demons…
Détective: an investigation into a dark story of missing heirs…
A juicy case, not suitable for children…

Adapted from a best-selling manga published by Pika, G.T.O. (for “Great Teacher Onizuka”) recounts the exciting adventures of Onizuka, a very open-minded middle-school teacher.

The space pirate’s incredible adventures! Aboard his space vessel the Psychoroid, Cobra battles slave traders, interstellar traffickers and the terrifying Man of Glass, all hard on his heels…


Les Sauvages
New – “Complete Savages“, a totally original series in France, was dreamed up by Mel Gibson, who made the pilot. Drawing on his own personal experience (he has seven children), the actor-director-producer recounts the daily life of a fireman (Keith Carradine) raising his five sons alone.

Berlin Berlin
New – Romantic, dreamy Lola has an exciting love life: while trying to forget Sven, her ex, she meets the adorable Alex.

Off Centre, Appartement 6D
New – This series created by the authors of American Pie taps into a classic theme: two friends—who are polar opposites—decide to move in together. Total Recall 2070 New – A Canadian science fiction series, inspired by the universe of novelist Philip K. Dick (the films “Blade Runner” and “Total Recall” were also based on his works). It is set in the near future, with powerful international corporations seeking to form an alliance to control the Earth.

New on terrestrial television – Nikki, a dancer, dreams of top billing in Las Vegas. She meets Dwight, an apprentice catcher, who also has dreams of glory. In the city of limitless possibilities, our two lovebirds will stop at NOTHING to fulfill their desires….

Freddy’s nightmares
The TV series inspired by Freddy Krueger, from the famous Nightmare on Elm Street horror film saga


Sexy or Not

A game show adapted from a British programme focuses solely on electing the SEXIEST young man and woman of the year.
A panel of judges made up of four specialists (Mélanie Coste, panel chairman, Dominique Micelli, Mallory Marcourel, Eric Briard) will search for rare pearls at casting calls held in four French cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseilles, Montpellier) and Brussels.

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