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Cocina rico todos los días (Velocidad Cuchara®) by Rosa Ardá published by Oberon (Grupo Anaya)


Lagardère Publishing

Paris, December 6, 2021

The book

Introducing the second book from Velocidad Cuchara® the Spanish-language Thermomix recipe blog.

It features a collection of easy and delicious dishes designed for you, whether you’re a beginner or an expert when it comes to the world’s most popular food processor.

Rosa Ardá selected the most essential recipes for this book.

You’ll find breads, meat and fish dishes, desserts and much more that will help you make the best use possible of your Thermomix®.


The author: Rosa Ardá

Galicia-born nurse Rosa Ardá began posting recipes on her blog in 2008.

She started very casually, never imagining that the Spoon Speed Index® would become such an essential guide for many Thermomix® users.

Ardá photographs the recipes that she prepares at her home in central Madrid and also shares shots taken inside and outside of her kitchen with her thousands of fans on social media.

The “Cooking with Thermomix@” group is now very popular with food processor aficionados, who stop by to get inspiration and contribute ideas.

Rosa Ardá won Velocidad Cuchara’s 2017 Bitácoras Award for Best Food Blog.

Publication date: November 2021

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