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BE continues to innovate with a unique pocket format and an iPad version


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Paris, January 18, 2012

Be has tailored its format to the nomadic lifestyles and habits of its readers by launching a unique pocket-sized version on 20 January. Popular with a whole generation of young urban women, this format was immediately successful upon its release and demand for it continues to grow.

This innovation is accompanied by an upgrade that includes an increase in the average number of pages, a square binding and thicker paper.
The brand is also continuing its digital deployment with the launch of an iPad app, available at the App Store beginning in February 2012.
In the words of Franck Espiasse-Cabau, publisher of the Lagardère Active Women’s division: “This year, Be is celebrating its second birthday, and we have already achieved our circulation and advertising goals. With the launch of this new format on 20 January and the iPad application in February, we will continue pursuing the brand’s growth. In 2012, Be will win over ever more new readers and expand even further.”

Since its arrival on the new women’s weekly market, high-end women’s generational magazine Be has not stopped blazing trails:

  • Launching the first generational women’s brand for all media.
  • Offering a double format beginning on its first birthday, Be was the first women’s weekly available in pocket size.

Today, Be is a very successful community-based brand:

  • With 171,392 copies in circulation (OJD DSH 2010/2011), the magazine has surpassed its launch-year figures and is showing 7% growth compared to initial goals.
  • With an average audience of over 700,000 unique visitors* and 10 million page views,** the site has more than doubled its audience since the second half of 2011. 
  • In less than two years, it has attracted an active community of 165,000 registered young female users and is brought to life on an ongoing basis by a team of seven female bloggers who stay on top of all the trends. 
  • The iPhone app has over 2 million unique visitors each month, and users are highly loyal (8.33 monthly visits, with 11.8 pages viewed per visit). 
  • The weekly six-minute television series, Bienvenue dans la Ruche, is the first to show what happens behind the scenes at a major fashion magazine and is distributed via the June channel, the site and iPhone and iPad apps. Once per month, the series is expanded into a 26-minute segment focusing on the major trends covered in the magazine.

This launch will be supported by a television, radio, press and web campaign beginning on 19 January.
*Nielsen, Dec. 2011.
**Google Analytics, Dec. 2011.

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