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At the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and MIFA film market: The first Masterclass on screenwriting for family-oriented animated series


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Paris, March 14, 2012

Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 June 2012 in Annecy

French animation is recognized the world over for its high quality, yet few animated series have had true success with families like certain live-action series, which have become true social phenomena and even animated feature films that hit the top of the charts and draw incredible numbers of families to cinemas.

But what are the keys to making a successful feature film, sequel or animated series that the whole family will enjoy? Does writing aimed at several levels succeed in bringing together different people with eclectic tastes?

What about collaborative team writing? Is humour the ideal No. 1 common denominator? There is no magic formula, but success may be found in a mix of all these ingredients – plus others!

Starting with this observation, and with the aim of responding to a true concern of sector professionals, The Media Faculty, Gulli and CITIA, with support from SPFA, teamed up to create a masterclass: “From feature film to animated series: writing for the whole family.”

On hand will be such big names in international animation as Chris Miller, screenwriter and director of Shrek 3, and Joe Aguilar and Tom Wheeler, producers and screenwriters of Puss in Boots; such French professionals as Alexis Lavillat, producer at Normaal Animation, and Sébastien Thibaudeau, literary director at Zagtoon; as well as Christian Baumard, general director, accompanied by Aude Thévenin, artistic producer, and Khaled Amara, screenplay director for the sitcom Scènes de Ménage at Kabo. A panel of experts like this guarantees interesting subject matter for the course.

Experience-sharing and advice from experts generate responses to many questions and provide the keys necessary to achieve innovative writing for family-oriented animation.


This masterclass will take place over two days during the Annecy International Animated Film Festival and MIFA film market (Monday 4 and Tuesday 5 June 2012) and will be directed by Christophe Erbes, currently a consultant for children’s television channels and production companies, screenwriter, children’s book author and literary director. From 1988 to 2006, he also worked as a programme director (Fox Kids Europe, Super RTL and more) and managing director (Nickelodeon Germany, Jetix Germany).

For whom?

Authors, screenwriters, development managers, literary directors, writing directors, storyboard artists, producers, programme advisors, broadcasters and more.

For more information or to register:

Sylvie Brauns - Tel. +33 1 43 55 00 40 -

Anne-Laure Santonastasi -

Press contacts:

Gulli - Véronique Dumon, press manager for Lagardère Active's Music, Television and Radio division -

CITIA - Laurence Ythier, press relations and special operations manager -  

  • About The Media Faculty The Media Faculty is a training organization created in 2008 to meet the needs of media professionals in terms of training and information. Every year, in partnership with the MediaClub, it holds some 15 training sessions, as well as workshops and masterclasses, in four areas: content strategy, legal affairs, financing and new media.
  • About Gulli Lagardère Active's Children and Family offering, comprising Gulli, Canal J and TiJi, is now the leading source of children's and family programming in France. The three channels today form a consistent, virtuous ecosystem.
    Gulli, a channel designed for the whole family, has become a standard-setter and is at the heart of this eco-system. It is extremely popular in the 4-10 age group and is winning over parents as well. The channel has a commitment to over 15 productions, each more diverse than the last, produced with traditional partners as well as new arrivals.
    "This masterclass is the perfect illustration of our creative and economic commitment, in collaboration with our partners in the world of French animation, and our ongoing search for innovative programmes to offer our audience of families."
    Antoine Villeneuve
    General manager of Lagardère Active's Television division
  • About CITIA The expansion of and support for new short- and long-term training programmes in moving images in France is one of CITIA's strategic areas of endeavour. It was therefore only natural for CITIA to lend its support to the development of this masterclass, especially since the theme, "From feature film to animated series: writing for the family," is one of the main concerns of professionals in this sector. In light of this, and given our experience working closely with The Media Faculty and Gulli, we decided to launch this masterclass.
    The creation of this new masterclass, held in Annecy during the International Animated Film Festival and MIFA film market, rounds out an already comprehensive and attractive training offering.
    "Thanks to this ecosystem (research, training and economy), our country is able to achieve a true competitive advantage in the digital industry."
    Dominique Puthod and Patrick Eveno
    President and director of CITIA

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