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Allianz Riviera stadium in Nice becoming an innovative digital laboratory with SPORTFIVE


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Paris, May 15, 2014

Since its inauguration, the Allianz Riviera stadium has become a centre for leading-edge innovations focused on enhancing the spectator’s experience. With the football seasons coming to an end, now is a good time to review SPORTFIVE’s innovations during the stadium’s first season of sporting activity.

At the request of fans, who are making increasing use of social networks, SPORTFIVE launched the Allianz Riviera Lab, a comprehensive range of innovative digital initiatives to bring them closer to the action. Fans can now become flag-bearers and reporters, and can display their photos on giant screens within the stadium via Facebook and Twitter.

The launch of Allianz Riviera’s Socialscreen on 28 March 2014 marked the start of these exceptional initiatives. For the first time in France, the stadium offered an interactive system enabling supporters to put their questions directly to players after the match, using the #Socialscreen hashtag. Answers were recorded live on video via the interactive Socialscreen terminal, giving fans a glimpse behind the scenes and allowing them to carry out their own interviews. Eric Bauthéac, midfielder for OGC Nice, was the first player to use Socialscreen, after a match against PSG. Socialscreen is now used at all OGC Nice matches, and this first interview can be seen at

Alongside this initiative, and again with the aim of bringing fans closer to the action, the Allianz Riviera Fancam was developed. During a match when the stadium was packed, with a record attendance of 35,030, a 360° photo was taken of the stands, with a definition of 20,000 megapixels. Supporters were then able to visit the Allianz Riviera website to find themselves in the crowd, tag themselves and their friends, and share the photo on social media.

From Friday 16 May to 1 June 2014, Allianz Riviera and SPORTFIVE will broadcast four videos about the Allianz Riviera Lab exclusively on the stadium’s Facebook page. SPORTFIVE is using all of its sports expertise to promote further innovation – including Google Glass, drones and 3D printers – within Allianz Riviera, and support the connected stadium transition.

Lydie Hippon-Darde, head of the Allianz brand in France, said: “we are delighted to be able to create new, audiencefocused experiences. Our naming of the stadium and our partnership with OGC Nice are enabling us to make the Allianz Riviera a platform for interacting and sharing with our communities. Our ambition is to make Allianz Riviera the first stadium where technology is in the interest of passion, as well as being a benchmark for Euro 2016 and many events to come.”

Xavier Lortat-Jacob, President of Nice Eco Stadium, the Allianz Riviera’s operating company, said: We are committed to build a new stadium model based on connectivity. It’s because this is a connected stadium that we will be able to develop new type of consumption and an enhanced fans experience. Those first digital actions introduced by our naming partner Allianz enable Alliance Riviera to stay a step ahead in the market.”

Florent Marty, Director, Marketing and Business development of SPORTFIVE, added: “Allianz Riviera is a superb setting, and deserves the best. Our role is to deliver leading-edge solutions that meet the needs of this ultra-modern stadium and the public. This first season has been a big success. We are now looking ahead to the future with great excitement, aiming to establish these innovations and introduce new ones.”


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