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Chief Executive Officer, Lagardère Travel Retail
Czech Republic
Lagardère Travel Retail




Lagardère Travel Retail in the Czech Republic: constant commitment to helping underprivileged children

Helping underprivileged children is one of the core societal commitments of our teams in the Czech Republic. Three charity partnerships have been formed to help vulnerable children in the country or abroad:

  • in support of the charity Teribear, around 100 employees took part in an annual race, which together with the contribution from other partner companies raised approximately €300,000. This money will go to organisations that take care of children who have been abandoned or mistreated;
  • with Help the Children, we contribute to supporting around 30 organisations providing aid for children.
  • During the Feathers Week campaign, the Costa Coffee network we operate sold a Charity Feather, a symbol of this initiative, as well as a Charity Cappuccino. Part of the profits from these sales went towards the project;
  • thanks to our status as exclusive franchisee of 60 Costa Coffee outlets, staff have also got involved with the Costa Coffee Foundation, which builds schools in coffee-producing countries. Half of the profits from sales of a dedicated drink go to the charity.

Our employees’ involvement in these partnerships is key to the successful implementation of our PEPS (Planet, Ethics, People, Social) CSR strategy. We are proud and pleased to see so many of them getting on board!

  Lagardère Travel Retail in the Czech Republic: constant comm