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CSR Officer, Lagardère group




LL Network: GREAT online activity concerning CSR commitments

Since the LL Network founded its Sustainable Development and CSR academy in 2020, new themes connected with the Group’s CSR concerns have been addressed during virtual sessions:

  • the role of advertising in ecological transition;
  • eco-responsibility in relation to food and foodservice;
  • biodiversity and protecting primary forests;
  • eco-responsibility in relation to the lifecycle of books;
  • societal issues in connection with commitment to helping others;
  • eco-responsibility in relation to the fashion sector;
  • disability and occupational illness.

The LL Network has also played its role in raising awareness about CSR matters, in particular with the creation of a daily newsfeed on the Group’s intranet site throughout COP 26 to inform employees about discussions taking place and giving them the chance to win books on the theme of ecology by taking part in an online quiz.

In 2022, the LL Network is extending its efforts concerning Group employees to enhance their knowledge of the major CSR issues, inform them about what is being done by the Group and allow them to make a commitment on a daily basis within their work and/or personal lives. And not forgetting our main goal of promoting gender balance in the workplace, which is still one of the main social pillars of Lagardère’s CSR policy.

  LL Network: GREAT online activity concerning CSR commitments