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Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore: environmental awareness bingo

To make our employees more aware of the environment, at Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore we launched the PEPS Planet Bingo campaign, in reference to our CSR strategy. This initiative challenges each of our employees to undertake 25 responsible actions in their everyday lives such as recycling different materials or adopting reusable products (straws, bags, etc.). Other actions, such as limiting use of air conditioning or using public transport, have also shown that it is easy to reduce emissions in our everyday lives.

Our employees were also involved in efforts to protect the planet initiated by our local stakeholders.
From planting a herb garden to volunteering for charities, they also supported use of the Ecosia search engine, which ensures that one tree is planted for every 45 searches performed. Donations were also made to reduce food waste, as well as toys and books.

Lastly, they collaborated with fashion and luxury goods brands to understand the measures taken in stores to protect the planet, such as creating products made from recycled materials or using oxo-biodegradable bags.

In the space of two months, our employees took on 1,350 challenges and marked off a number of “PEPS Bingos” in their efforts to create a more environmentally friendly future.


  Lagardère Travel Retail Singapore: environmental awareness b