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Employment and Environmental
Sustainability Legal Director,
Hachette Livre
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Hachette Livre France’s Mission Handicap scheme extended and creates its own local network

In 2021, the Board of Directors of Hachette Livre France’s Mission Handicap scheme wanted to enhance the visibility, actions and services of this non-profit organisation founded in 2014, to which the Hachette Livre group’s various entities belong.
Four major commitments accompanied by concrete actions were implemented:

  • changing how we view disability by raising staff awareness and training our managers;
  • helping employees to recognise workers with disabilities and make the necessary adaptations to allow them to remain in employment;
  • encourage the hiring of people with disabilities by developing partnerships with charities, specialist organisations, schools, training centres, etc.;
  • making sure our content is accessible to as many people as possible by changing our practices and tools.

The Board of Directors also wanted to join forces with employees by creating a network of local disability officers. These are seven HR representatives trained in disability issues. All employees can now approach their local representative if they want to apply for recognition of a worker with disabilities, find a support system or financial assistance, make adjustments to their place of work or even identify training programmes.

  Hachette Livre France’s Mission Handicap scheme extended and