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Hachette Livre: Trajectories and general mobilisation around the CSR agenda

Hachette Livre’s new CSR department, set up in 2021, has two main aims.

The first is to set trajectories in all areas of CSR in which Hachette Livre is involved. In terms of the environment, on the basis of the international carbon footprint assessment performed across the Lagardère group in 2021, we will set targets to continue to reduce our Scopes 1, 2 & 3 emissions in connection with the Science Based Targets
Initiative. As regards combating pollution, a trajectory for reducing our use of plastic and an action plan for 2030 were drawn up in 2021. The same applies to social and societal criteria, with the continuation and monitoring of our efforts to support equal opportunity, inclusion, diversity, dissemination of knowledge, promoting freedom of expression and making our content accessible.

Hachette Livre’s other aim is to enable as many employees as possible to appropriate these concerns, so that they can play a driving role in these important areas.
It is with this in mind that a number of concrete initiatives have been launched:

  • creation of a network of local disability officers in France;
  • organisation of webinars and workshops open to all on issues such as disability, cleaning up computer data and eco-design;
  • help with the development of internal employee networks to encourage inclusion and diversity, such as Employee Networks as part of Hachette UK’s Changing the Story programme in the United Kingdom.
We are always happy to hear any good ideas and initiatives, wherever they come from, in order to share and disseminate these best practices within Hachette Livre.

  Hachette Livre: trajectories and general mobilisation around