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  Dag Rasmussen


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Lagardère Travel Retail





Respecting the environment requires the involvement of the whole company

Improving the environmental and societal impact of our activities is at the heart of our strategy.

We have made this a priority because the environment emergency requires our immediate attention. We also firmly believe that paying permanent attention to CSR creates value over time and fosters innovation, and want to mobilise all our staff towards achieving this goal.

Having recognised the important role we have to play to support the responsible transformation of the Travel Retail sector, we came up with PEPS, our CSR strategy addressing all sustainable development issues on the basis of four main pillars: Planet, Ethics, People and Social.

For each of these pillars, we have made strong andmeasurable commitments. In terms of protecting the environment, for example, our targets are to reduce food waste by 50% between now and 2025 and to rapidly eliminate single-use plastic in foodservice activities.

In terms of the social aspect, a number of subsidiaries work with local charities, such as Paradies Lagardère, which has joined forces with food banks. Lastly, we support the local economic fabric and are reducing our environmental impact by favouring local and artisanal products in our stores.

With PEPS, we are inviting our employees and then of course our customers and our partners to share our goals and our values. It is by executing PEPS together that we will be able to have a significant and lasting impact. In the past, Lagardère Travel Retail has demonstrated its ability to transform itself and innovate in order to challenge established models and take on the challenges that have arisen. I have confidence in each and every one of us to address the major environmental and societal challenges we are facing as best possible.Lagardère Travel Retail employees taking part in the Teribear sports event for charity (Prague, Czech Republic).



Respecting the environment

Lagardère Travel Retail employees taking part in the Teribear sports event for charity (Prague, Czech Republic).