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Thierry Auger


Deputy Chief Information Officer and
Chief Information Security Officer,
Lagardère group





Raising awareness about cybersecurity

Against the backdrop of a growing number of targeted attacks despite the adoption of increasingly strict security measures, cybersecurity has become a key issue for companies, prompted in particular by new regulations like GDPR.

Employees – who are regarded by cybercriminals as a possible entry point to IT systems – need to be made aware of and trained in how to combat these attacks.
Today, human error is involved in over 90% of security incidents (clicking on a phishing link, viewing a suspicious website, activating a virus or other advanced persistent threats).

That is why, following on from the approach initiated in 2017 with an educational game on the subject, Keep An Eye Out, the Lagardère group’s IT Systems Security Department wanted to roll out a simple and adaptive new cybersecurity training drive in 2020 intended to raise awareness among all employees, regardless of their level of risk exposure.

The aim of this drive, named Cyber et moi, is to transform each user from a potential target into an informed digital user, in order to enable everyone to:

  • understand their role in the company’s security;
  • know the main threats and their consequences;
  • recognise the signs of a threat;
  • know how to protect themselves by means of tips and precautions;
  • be aware that a lack of vigilance is often what allows an attack to succeed.

  Raising awareness about cybersecurity
Presentation of the Cyber et moi scheme during the Digital Afterwork event organised by the LL Network, January 2020 (Paris, France).