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  Christian Guet


Deputy Human Relations Director,
Lagardère group






Fighting sexism: making our committment to #StOpE concrete

Fighting so-called ordinary sexism in business was one of the main themes of our efforts to promote gender balance in 2019. After signing the #StOpE charter to fight so-called ordinary sexism in business alongside 29 other companies, we have launched a number of training and awareness initiatives for our employees.

We chose first of all to train all the Group’s HR staff, who are in the front line in handling situations of sexism.
Teaching them to detect, prevent and take the necessary measures was our main priority.

We also took measures to raise awareness which should be extended into 2020 for other employees.
This awareness-raising has been done primarily through two conferences organised by the LL Network to promote gender balance. The first conference was organised in partnership with Lagardère Travel Retail on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2019.

The second, organised as part of the LL Network annual day, also enabled us to present the #StOpE charter to all employees present.

In addition to these actions, our Code of Conduct – the update of which is being finalised in 2020 – will include an additional chapter on our alert system, Ethics Line. Intended for all of the Group’s employees and stakeholders, this incorporates sexism among its alert themes.

After signing the #StOpE charter, we acted swiftly in three key areas: commitment, training and implementing a reporting system.


Gender balance

Presentation of the #StOpE charter by Christian Guet at the LL Network annual day, June 2019 (Paris, France).