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Co-Managing Partner and Chief Human Relations,
Communications and Sustainable Development Officer,
Lagardère group





Raison d’être :
opening up dialogue with our panel

For more than four years, the Lagardère group has been in regular dialogue with its stakeholder panel, consisting of 12 experts in our business activities and the issues facing us, which go hand in hand with its thoughts about societal responsibility.

Over these four years, the scope of the Group’s activities  has changed and it has refocused on two strategic activities: publishing and retail at transportation hubs.

Our CSR strategy has also gradually adapted both to the transformation of our business activities and to the major changes within society. At each stage, our panel has been able to listen to us and also to guide us, and help us to identify our main societal challenges whether in terms of education, cultural diversity, innovation, attracting talent or even environmental responsibility.

The growing search for meaning – both by our employees and our various customers and audiences – as well as increasing environmental awareness among society as a whole, have also significantly impacted the CSR roadmap developed over time with our panel.

In 2019, these fundamental societal trends coupled with regulatory changes and the PACTE law in particular led us to launch the company’s raison d’être project with our stakeholder panel. There is no doubt that the dialogue with our panel concerning our Group’s societal role will help us to progress along this new path towards  responsibility.

  Raison d’être: opening up dialogue with our panel