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  Constance Benqué


Chief Executive Officer, Lagardère News





Being the commentators on a changing world

Companies have a social responsibility that goes well beyond just their economic role.” This is how Nicolas Barré, editor of Europe 1’s morning show, summarised the theme dominating the 2020 World Economic Forum in Davos.

Thinking about how Lagardère News takes part in this collective effort of course means looking at our commitments in terms of diversity, training and integration, our environmental impact and gender balance. These commitments are now being taken on directly by our employees.

But more broadly speaking, this responsibility is the very object of what Lagardère News does. Through our symbolic media brands, we are everyday commentators on this growing awareness. In the age of social media and fake news, with institutions facing a serious crisis of confidence, our solid and singular editorial projects respond to this need for responsibility.

This is the aim of Le Journal du Dimanche, which proudly conveys the belief that politics concerns us all. Each week, the title sets the pace of political life, gives rise to major themes and, if necessary, reveals the untruths that are damaging public debate.

In addition to the weight of words is the shock of photos: from the environmental ravages of mass tourism to the precarious vessels of migrants in the Mediterranean, Paris Match excels in storytelling through pictures in order to raise awareness and reveal major changes of our times.

Listening to the world as it changes is the promise of Europe 1, which every day tells us about the changing world, without judgement but with the enthusiasm and spirit that characterise our radio station. Telling, but also being engaged by highlighting French success stories, innovative companies that provide solutions to the environment emergency, the challenge of living together and the need to live better.

Fake news, conspiracy theories, name bashing, obsession with decline are countervalues that go against this sense of responsibility. Lagardère News’ role is to support the future and the role of our impressive media brands, and every day come up with editorial formats that are more attractive, more powerful and more convincing because they are more responsible.

  Being the commentators on a changing world