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  Rachel Duc


Head of Extra-curricular, Youth
and Parenting at Hatier





CSR award for Editions Hatier’s Le Tremplin Prépabac

What does Marine, future mathematics researcher, have in common with Thomas, who wants to become a herpetologist, or Arthur the percussionist, or Quentin who wants to get into Esport? They are all among the winners of Le Tremplin Prépabac, a competition organised every year since 2013 by Éditions Hatier, Lagardère Publishing’s educational and extra-curricular subsidiary. On the back of this competition, the publisher won a Trophée de l’édition publishing award in December 2019 in the CSR category.

For eight years, Le Tremplin Prépabac, which is widely promoted on social media and by partners Phosphore and EF (Education First), allows secondary school students to present a project close to their heart to build their professional future. The first prize of €5,000, awarded by a judging panel, allows them to fund an internship, rent, enrolment with a school, professional equipment, etc. The competition also awards a second prize, a trip in Europe, reserved for more international projects, and a third prize of €1,000 awarded by internet users.

The 2020 competition hopes to beat the record set by the 2019 competition, which saw the registration of 790 students, an increase of 39% relative to 2018, and 119 projects published on the website

For Éditions Hatier, market leader in exam preparation, this is the successful conclusion of the support given to students wanting to pass their baccalaureate and enjoy a good start to their post-school years.


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Le Tremplin Prépabac 2019 finalist presenting a project relating to their professional future (Paris, France).