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  Cyril Petit


Directeur adjoint de la rédaction
du Journal du Dimanche





 Le Journal du Dimanche: also talking about the good things in the world!

Societal responsibility also means talking about trains arriving on time, or even early. Le Journal du Dimanche has made this an aim: also talking about good things in the world and the people who are making change.
This is the opposite of general pessimism, clashes and bad buzz.

Three examples of this optimism in 2019:

  • Ça nous réjouit (It makes us happy): in “Le Journal de Demain”, the digital mini-newspaper sent every evening by email since May 2019, the 100,000 registered users receive a piece of good news. The Ça nous réjouit section highlights local, national or international initiatives concerning fighting climate change, gender balance, inclusion, economic success, etc. The same is done every Sunday with the Signe positif (“Positive sign”) section.
  • La France des solutions: with five other media, Le Journal du Dimanche took part in the campaign that consisted of reporting each week in summer on an action on the ground aiming to bring people together rather than divide. This initiative recreates the link between towns and countryside, between suburbs and inner-city areas, between generations, between producers and consumers, between savers and companies, between elected representatives and citizens, between people in the same region.

  • Partnership with journalism schools: each Sunday, between January and June 2019, Le Journal du Dimanche published a positive local story put forward by a student from a recognised journalism school in the provinces. This has three main aims: to tell us what is going on in France, to help apprentice journalists to find work and to offer our readers different points of view.

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