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Focus Nadia Lubrano
  Nadia Lubrano


Lagardère group
Compliance Officer





Compliance: a team and programmes to support the Group’s values

With more stringent and increasingly international standards, growing stakeholders demands and almost immediate visibility of the slightest failing – actual or alleged – thanks to social media, companies and individuals have seen their responsibility increase and new risks emerge.

It is against this backdrop that regulations have been introduced in France relating to combating corruption, duty of care and personal data protection, requiring the adoption of compliance programmes, or even the regulation relating to declaring non-financial performance that requires companies to provide evidence of implementation.

Within the Lagardère group, the Compliance Department has rolled out programmes to identify, prevent and handle in an inclusive way certain cross-functional risks to which the Group may be exposed in its operating activities. In practice, these programmes comprise risk analysis, training, help with decision making and control points. Their application is overseen by a network of correspondents around the world. Based on fundamental values and reflecting responsible corporate governance, they support the Group’s development strategy.

The increasing amount of regulation with which companies have to comply is only a reflection of the wider community’s expectations. Consumer and market confidence need to be won, and this means providing evidence of virtuous action. The adoption of Compliance programmes forms part of this. This is a strong indicator of companies’ maturity, a means of managing risk and a certain strength in terms of competitiveness to ensure lasting growth.