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Focus Thierry Funck-Brentano


Co-Managing Partner and Chief Human
Relations, Communications and Sustainable
Development Officer, Lagardère group





A panel that keeps an eye on changes in the CSR roadmap

For three years, the Lagardère group’s stakeholder panel – consisting of 13 experts in our business lines and CSR priorities – helps the Group to review its CSR strategy. The panel meets regularly, allowing for dialogue at Group level with representatives of our various stakeholders. These meetings also help Lagardère to look ahead with regard to its main social, societal and environmental priorities.

These are fine-tuned year on year in the light of society’s own changing expectations, regulatory requirements that are regularly becoming more stringent, and changes to our Group’s scope, requiring to adapt our CSR priorities to our changing activities.

Dialogue with our panel over the last three years has therefore been very useful in this regard. In 2017, it helped to analyse the materiality of our priorities, allowing for an update of our CSR roadmap. In 2018, the panel focused on analysing our CSR risks and opportunities in addition to materiality analysis, responding to new regulatory requirements in terms of non-financial reporting.

This constructive dialogue has consolidated the Lagardère group’s CSR roadmap, which is now based more than ever on the importance of diversity in its talent, the societal priorities of education and cultural diversity, and ensuring that its activities are environmentally responsible.