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Focus Gildas Bouteiller and Virgnie Hert
Gildas Bouteiller

Chief Information
Officer, Lagardère
Sports and
Virginie Hert

Head of New
Products and
University and
Professional division, Lagardère Publishing

Mentoring: promising pilot programme for the LL Network

LL Network puts someone in the middle of their career development and looking for help in how to progress in
touch with a more experienced manager from another division wanting to share their experience and skills.

After a year of extensive exchanges, Gildas and Virginie – one of the 14 pairs in the pilot programme – are delighted with their experience. Having progressed professionally and personally thanks to the informed advice of a mentor at the start of his career, Gildas wanted to be able to share his experience with someone else.

Thanks to his support and valuable advice, Virginie has managed to take more of a step back and launch new projects, enjoying “everyday little successes after adopting certain team management practices”.

As mentor, Gildas has also benefited from Virginie’s viewpoint, which has allowed him to “put how he looks at certain subjects into perspective and take a step back from the automated way of doing things”. It was also a way for him to “invest more in the Lagardère group and move outside his scope of responsibility”.

These enriching exchanges will not stop there, as Virginie and Gildas want to continue with their meetings. Gildas is also willing to take part in the 2019 mentoring programme, which will also be open to men.