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Focus Isabelle Juppé
  Isabelle Juppé


Director of Corporate Social Responsibility
of the Lagardère Group





A year under the sign of gender equality and eco-responsibility

The year 2018 enabled us to deepen the commitments made the previous year on our material challenges, while strengthening our vigilance and risk analysis systems, in accordance with the legislative and regulatory provisions that have come into force.

The deployment of the LL Network has thus served as a support for several of the Group’s commitments in favor of gender diversity (with, in particular, the signing of the WEPs), for the fight against so-called ordinary sexism in the workplace (with, in particular, membership of the #StOpE initiative) or for the place of women in the digital world (with the partnership entered into with Digital Ladies & Allies).

The year 2018 was particularly rich in events carried by our LL Network to promote gender diversity. The success of the pilot mentoring program made it possible to launch a new session for 2019 and to open it up to men as well. The conferences provided an opportunity to discover charismatic personalities (such as the orchestra conductor Zahia Ziouani) or to discuss topics related to innovation, such as the metamorphosis of managers in the age of artificial intelligence. Finally, the various workshops and networking meetings allowed for the testing of a few exploratory themes, such as coding courses, for example.

Public awareness of eco-responsibility issues (such as climate change, the fight against food waste and animal suffering, or sustainable innovation) was also relayed by the multiple contents deployed by our Group on different media and networks.