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Recycling area at the Lagardère group head office in Paris (France)




Deputy Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Lagardère group



Following on from the Paris agreement on climate change, which was adopted in December 2015, and article 173 of France’s energy transition act which came into force in January 2016, the Lagardère group has sought to take a proactive approach by laying the foundations of its low-carbon strategy. Although certain entities had already carried out a carbon audit, the Group as a whole had never taken that step until the first half of 2016, when the Carbone 4 consultancy helped us identify and classify carbon issues across our four business divisions. The project confirmed our assumptions and gave us an idea of the order of magnitude of our carbon emissions. Our largest emissions come from indirect sources that are closely linked to our businesses, but over which we have almost no control, such as the manufacturing of products sold in our retail outlets and the manufacturing of audiovisual media. The main sources on which the Group can take action are the manufacturing of paper products, freight and its buildings’ energy consumption.

Our entities have already been taking effective action at the operational level to address these matters for several years now.