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Chief Executive Officer, Éditions Didier web platform dedicated to French as a foreign language web platform dedicated to French as a foreign language


The term “French as a foreign language” (FFL) refers to the teaching of French to non-native French speakers.

FFL courses are provided by French institutions (Alliances Françaises, Instituts Français), private language schools and foreign school systems, and help to make the French language more widely used. As a result, FFL is an important challenge. For example, ensuring that French is taught systematically in foreign education systems is a strategic matter for the future.

Éditions Didier has specialised in FFL since 1922 and is a partner to the main participants in this field. It has always helped to promote the French language with its innovations. Éditions Didier has pioneered audiovisual methods and publishes the French version of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. It is now at the leading edge of FFL-related educational digital technologies with its content platform and custom digital services for institutions.

Its next innovation is a web application to help students memorise vocabulary, in partnership with a start-up called Domoscio(1). This tool will act as a personal assistant helping students to retain and consolidate knowledge, so that they can memorise information over a long period. It is a way of supporting knowledge of the French language over the long term.

(1) Domoscio won the “Trophées Europe 1 de l’Avenir” award in the “Education for the Future” category for its adaptive learning consolidation algorithm.