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Co-gérant du groupe Lagardère


A supervisory board that pays close attention to CSR

Our Supervisory Board’s Appointments, Remuneration and Governance Committee once again considered our CSR roadmap in 2016. This shows that Supervisory Board members are very interested in matters relating to ethics and workforce-related, social and environmental responsibility issues, which contribute to our Group’s performance.

When the Sustainable Development Department presented the Group’s CSR roadmap, the committee was particularly interested in the plan to carry out a materiality analysis. In particular, this analysis will enable Lagardère to identify the CSR issues that have the greatest economic impact on the Group’s activities.

The committee has also looked at the human resources function’s awareness of issues regarding religion in the workplace, and has welcomed the use of qualitative CSR criteria when calculating the Managing Partners’ remuneration.

There is no doubt that its discussions with the Supervisory Board will continue to help our Group make progress in its various areas of responsibility.
Sustainable development organisational structure