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Co-gérant du groupe Lagardère, Directeur des Relations humaines, de la Communication et du Développement durable


Constructive dialogue with the stakeholder panel

To use CSR as a driver of innovation and performance, the Lagardère group has for a long time sought to strengthen its dialogue with stakeholders.

In 2015, it set up a panel of 13 people who represent the Group’s main business lines and CSR issues, in order to engage in a forward-looking discussion about the Group’s main workforce-related, social and environmental challenges. Initial discussions with the panel enabled us to hone our CSR roadmap.

The stakeholder panel met a further two times in 2016. In those meetings, members discussed CSR opportunities – particularly regarding education and the development of local talent – arising from Lagardère’s new developments in Africa.

The panel was also involved in preparing the materiality analysis relating to the Group’s CSR issues, which took place in early 2017 via a consultation of the Group’s numerous internal and external stakeholders. The analysis must make it possible to identify the areas of responsibility in which Lagardère’s stakeholders expect it to do the most, and that have the greatest impact on the business models of our various activities.

Members of the stakeholder panel