RFM offers its listeners the best in music every day through a rich musical programme in the station’s colours, combining pop music, disco, funk and rock.
The station’s family-friendly positioning appeals to an ever-increasing number of listeners.

RFM is anchored in the daily lives of French people through two flagship programmes:

“Le Meilleur des Réveils” (6am-9.30am)
Caroline Ithurbide is back in the RFM family, joining Albert Spano and Marc-Antoine Le Bret every morning for a new season of Le Meilleur des Réveils! The duo will wake up listeners with music and good humour alongside the irresistible Marc-Antoine Le Bret and his imitations in “Le Bret du Faux” and thanks to Pascal Atenza’s sharp humour in his slightly offbeat press review: “Limité à 80” in… 80 seconds.

“Le 16/20” (4pm-8pm) hosted by Marie-Pierre Schembri and Pat Angeli, which puts a smile on listeners’ faces as soon as they leave work.
From Monday to Friday, from 12 to 4 pm, local programmes are presented by regional presenters. On the programme: good deals on concerts, films, culture, gifts, and always music.

The station also offers its listeners the best concerts by bringing together their favourite artists, thanks to RFM Music Live and RFM Music Show, throughout France or live on social networks.


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Sandrine TUIL

Directrice de la communication / Communication Director