Pika Édition, with more 2,000 titles in its catalog and more than 350 new releases a year, is a manga publishing company since 2000. It publishes in French several iconic series such as Attack on Titan, GTO and Sailor Moon. True forerunner in original creation, Pika Édition has been publishing Reno Lemaire’s Dreamland manga series since 2006 (still ongoing). It is the longest-running French manga series ever published. In 2016, Pika Édition acquired the children’s manga publisher nobi nobi ! since then, the catalog of this publishing brand has grown considerably, offering manga adaptations of famous licenses such as Star Wars and Miraculous, as well as manga for young adults with the Genki collection, spearheaded by the Horimiya series. After 24 years of success in manga, in 2024 Pika Édition launched Pika Wavetoon, a label dedicated to the publication of Korean webtoons in paper format.


Division : Lagardère Publishing


58, rue Jean Bleuzen CS 70007
92178 Vanves Cedex

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