Pika Edition, with more than 1,800 titles in its catalog and more than 350 new releases a year, is a manga publishing company since 2000. It publishes several iconic series such as GTO, Fairy Tail and Card Captor Sakura. Precursor in terms of creation with Dreamland, the series of French Reno Lemaire (2006, in progress), the publisher continues in this direction with the purchase of the editions H2T, specialized in the creation of manga series, in May 2018. Pika Edition also offers another vision of Asian comics through the Pika Graphic collection: large formats highlighting the masters of the manga such as Satoshi Kon but also those of the Chinese or Korean comics. Finally, Pika Edition publishes manga adapted to young audience and youth albums around Japan through its brand nobi nobi !. The publishing company also has a brand dedicated to the novels dedicated to the manga/pop culture universe: Pika Roman.


Division : Lagardère Publishing


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