Marabout is an innovator that has constantly reinvented itself. After pioneering French paperbacks when it was first established in 1949, it turned to practical guides. It quickly became the leader in that segment thanks to its ability to combine topical themes, original designs and affordable pricing. The catalog covers a wide range of topics, including cooking, health and wellness, education, nature, arts and crafts, games, sports, drama and comic books, and is regularly updated with new collections and innovative topics that enjoy considerable success, not just in France but internationally.
Year founded: 1949/Catalogue: 1200 titles/New titles: 500 titles each year


Division : Lagardère Publishing


58, rue Jean Bleuzen - CS 70007
92 178 Vanves Cedex

(33) 01 43 92 30 00


Maud Beaumont

Press Officer

Nicolas San Galli

Marketing Manager