Hachette Tourisme publishes everyones favourite guidebooks! Tempted by an exotic journey to far-flung lands? Trekking in the desert? Strolling under coconut trees? Exploring temples, pyramids or museums in depth? Meeting other people and sharing their culture? Shopping in London, New York or the souks of Marrakech? There are travel ideas for everyone, wherever their fancy takes them. Hachette Tourisme guides are designed to series the wide-ranging needs of the contemporary traveller. All the collections have their own distinct personality and provide the most reliable information and best ideas for places to visit in any situation, whatever your tastes and budget. Whether you choose to travel in France or around the world with the Guides Bleus, Guides Evasion, le Routard or Guides Voir, take a short city break with Un Grand Week End, Le Routard, Evasion en Ville or to go directly to the most important places to visit with our new series Simplissime, you will find all the information you are looking for, tailored to your specific needs. With regular updates (annual for Le Routard) and some 200 new titles published every year by Hachette Tourisme, the leader in its sector, these are the guides no traveller can do without.”


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