Hachette Heroes is an imprint dedicated to all things pop culture.
Thanks to its Gastronogeek series, Hachette Heroes publishes some top-selling cookbooks, whether inspired by science fiction, fantasy, video games, manga, comics.
The catalogue also includes adult fiction based on the Disney universe, as well as works on cinema, colouring books for adults and games (escape games, quizzes, etc.).
Hachette Heroes is home to major licences such as Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Warner, Ubisoft etc. and to some of the geek scene’s most renowned authors.


Division : Lagardère Publishing


58, rue Jean Bleuzen CS 70007
92178 Vanves

+33 1 43 92 30 00


Catherine Saunier-Talec

General Manager

Timothée Le Miere

Chief Operating Officer